Answers to some commonly asked questions.

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What material do you use?

4mm marine grade aluminium – welded not riveted. Tough as – if you f☆ck it, we’ll fix it!

Where are your products made?

All of our products are fully fabricated in-house at our workshop in the winterless north, Whangārei ( that’s a lie, its gets cold here too!)

Can you adjust the size of the tray for me?

Yes! We build custom so that means we can make adjustments to suit your specific requirements.

I have a tray already, can you just make the box?

Absolutely. Keep your tray and we’ll add a custom box to it, matching your lines and angles so it looks mint!

Can you paint it?

Yep, all done in house don’t be afraid to change it up.

Can I customise my layout or do I have to use a standard layout?

Custom building is what we do – nothing here is ever standard!

Do I need to bring you my ute?

Only for fit out, we can do the rest remotely via phone, email or Facebook Messenger. Heck, we can still post you things if need be! You may need to supply us with photos and dimensions but we’ll assist you with all of that.

Can you match the lines of my headboard?

Yes, they need to match – with a few dimensions we can make that happen.

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